What Are You Looking At?

What Are You Looking At?
Ronnie stares out the camera - and wins!

Friday, 25 April 2008

Walking The Dogs for Health

Well its been awhile sice my last post Strange Dog Ronnie, so its kinda hard getting new material together for this blog about a very strange dog, so I'll go off at a bit of a tangent.

I want to talk about walking the dogs not from the standpoint of the strange dog antics of Ronnie while he's out with me on our treks through the urban jungle of southern Spain, bbut more on a healthy note. So its walking the dogs for health, then!

Well, when you think about it, dog owners are rather more healthy in the main than their non dog-owning counterparts simply because the little rascals need their walks! What better form of exercise is there than walking? Not too many, especially for the older humans amongst us.

Sure, when you're in your teens or twenties, you can run, jump, dance, swim, clinb mountains and ride mountain bikes along the city streets, but aas your body ages, those things get harder to do. So walking becomes the main source of exercise, so those of us that do more walking, naturally get more exercise.

And those of us with dogs do more walking (on the whole) than those who don't.

So there. If you want an excuse to walk along the streets or through the park on your own without people thinking you are strange, then get yourself a dog and enjoy not only their comapny and their antics, but also the better health that you will gain from giving them their daily dose of exercise!

That's it for this post - Ronnie will be back soon for more crazy fun from the very strange dog!

Terry Didcott
Strange Dog

Ronnie"s Duck

Ronnie"s Duck
...or is it a pillow?

Ronnie & Daisy

Ronnie & Daisy
Brother & Sister? Not Quite!